Friday, May 15, 2009

Plane Crash in Merville

(NOTE: This is a real and actual air tragedy that happened in Barangay Merville. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!)

On April 19, 2007, on or about 10: 45 A.M., a single engine Cessna plane crashed along the vacant lot of Burgos Compound, New York Street, Merville Park, ParaƱaque City, Metro Manila.

Based on the account of the witnesses, the pilot (who was the lone fatality) managed to avoid the heavily populated area of the subdivision and nearby mission areas, thus, preventing extensive damages to the lives and properties of the residents. For doing so, the pilot was hailed as a hero by residents within the neighborhood.
Once again, the capability of Barangay Merville Fire & Rescue Team was put to test. They were the first to arrive at the scene of the crash before the rescue team from Manila International Airport Authority arrived. Although, they were not able to save the life of the pilot whose body was already charred at that time, they have prevented the possible spread of chemical fire within the neighborhood.

The following are some photos taken during the said plane crash. Just click the picture to enlarge it.

Members of the Composite Team of Fire and Rescue Teams from Barangay Merville and Manila International Airport Authority inspect the totally damaged plane.
The charred body of the plane pilot...the lone fatality in the plane crash.
The Fire & Rescue Team of Barangay Merville arrived at the scene on time to prevent further damages to the lives and properties of the residents near the crash site.
M/Gen. Angel G. Atutubo, AFP (Ret.), MIAA Assistant General Manager for Security and Emergency Services arrived at the scene and took over of the Command Post from Mr. Nestor P. Mose, Action Officer of Barangay Merville Disaster Coordinating Council (not in photo). He is shown being interviewed by media people.
Merville Barangay Captain Gloria C. Gutierrez, who was also with the Barangay Merville Fire & Rescue Team, is shown being interviewed by media people near the crash site.
ParaƱaque City Mayor Florencio M. Bernabe, Jr., also arrived at the scene to assess the damages incurred in the vicinity by the said plane crash. He was accompanied by Merville Barangay Captain Gloria C. Gutierrez.
Barangay Merville Kagawad Dr. Edgar Caballero (in red shirt), who was one of the witnesses of the plane's movement before it crashed, is being interviewed by the press.
Rescue Team from the Philippine Air Force (aboard a helicopter) also arrived at the scene to assist.
The body of the plane's pilot was removed from the crash site by the members of the Rescue Team from Manila International Airport Authority.

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NESTOR P. MOSEBarangay Secretary/Action OfficerBarangay Merville Disaster Coordinating Council

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